These animals were the most desired trophies amongst the old hunting clubs. However, hunting is no longer permitted in national parks and game reserves as several species are now endangered. Endangered animals such as the black rhino are slowly making a comeback as a result of effective conservation efforts including the development of many sanctuaries. The other species of rhino, the white rhino, can be found throughout Kenya’s national parks and reserves in growing numbers.

The “Big Five” may be the stars of Kenya’s wildlife show, but the cast of millions is an unforgettable bonus. From the Mara to Amboseli, and Samburu to Lake Nakuru, each park overflows with wildlife. Other magnificent animals in Kenya include grazers such as gazelle, impala, antelope, dik-dik, zebra, wildebeest, waterbuck, greater kudu; and of course, the reticulated, Rothschild and Maasai giraffes, the world’s tallest creatures, and the water-loving hippopotamus, the third largest land animal. In addition to the elusive leopard, felines include cheetah, and smaller serval, civets, and caracal. Other well-known yet exotic species include the crocodile, python, mongoose, jackal, hyena and bushbaby.

Many olive and yellow baboons, and monkeys, including the Colobus, Vervet and Golden, are easily seen and heard. With serious savvy and sharp eyes, the “Little Five” can also be spotted in Kenya. This group counts the rhinoceros beetle, leopard tortoise, ant lion, buffalo weaver and elephant shrew. Kenya offers countless ways to indulge in these unparalleled wildlife experiences. Whether by foot, on the back of a camel, perched in a hot air balloon, cruising on a lake, via horseback, on a night game drive with infrared goggles, or on a bike, each way leaves you with indelible memories.