The Mission

The Kenya High Commission in Lusaka – Zambia was established in 1978 with a Mandate to promote, project and protect the image and the interests of Kenya and the Kenyan community in Zambia.


The Kenya High Commission’s mandate is to implement Kenya’s Foreign Policy in Zambia, Malawi and COMESA as derived from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of the Republic of Kenya.


To build new and robust partnerships while enhancing existing bilateral relationships between Kenya and the countries of accreditation, as well as strengthen co-operation with multilateral organizations based in Zambia especially COMESA.


To be a dynamic diplomatic Mission pursuing Kenya’s interest and values in Zambia, Malawi and COMESA.



In execution of her mandate, the Mission:

  • Projects Kenya’s Foreign Policy and defends her interests through Diplomatic Representation at both bilateral and multilateral levels.
  • Ensures effective diplomatic representation and maintains cordial relations with countries of accreditation and COMESA.
  • Projects and protects the image of Kenya, and promotes Kenyan goods and services through its Commercial and Tourist Departments.
  • Promotes Kenya goods and services and show cases existing investments andtrade opportunities in Kenya.
  • Facilitates varied consultative seminars and meetings with Kenyan investors and foreign entrepreneurs.
  • Negotiates and coordinates implementation of Bilateral Cooperation Agreements.
  • Liaises closely with COMESA on matters relating to regional economic integration.
  • Offers Immigration, Consular Services and protects the interests of Kenyan living, travelling or doing business in countries of accreditation


The Mission is guided by the following core values:

  1. Patriotism: Our Staff exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the Republic of Kenya at all times
  2. Customer Focus: We treat our stakeholders with courtesy, respect and promptness
  3. Professionalism: Our staff exercise high level of professional competence and confidentiality in all their work
  4. Equity and Fairness: We promote justice, impartiality and diversity in all our dealings
  5. Team Spirit: We promote teamwork to enhance service delivery and inculcate shared and collective responsibility in executing our mandate
  6. Ethics and Integrity: We embrace transparency and accountability in all operations of the Mission