Kenyans in the Diaspora

One of the key objectives of the Mission is to promote and protect the interests of the Kenyan Diaspora in Zambia and Malawi. In this respect, the Mission appreciates the excellent relations that exist with the Kenyan Community. The Mission is keen to develop these relations with a view to harnessing the immense potential of the Diaspora to national development. In this respect, the Mission has established a register of Kenya nationals resident in the two countries and intends to maintain and regularly update it. All Kenyans who have not yet done so are therefore encouraged to register with the High Commission and those whose contacts or personal details have changed are also requested to notify of the changes.

One of the key objectives of the High Commission is to serve Kenyans who are resident in Zambia and Malawi. Some of the services we provide to them include;

  • Information on trade and investment opportunities in Zambia and Malawi;
  • Advisory services in fields such as education and employment opportunities in Zambia and Malawi;
  • Information on Kenya’s foreign policy;
  • Consular services Identification of international jobs and contracts;
  • Facilitation of trade missions;
  • Hosting National Day celebrations;

As a Government policy, the High Commission would like to engage with Kenyan national residing or visiting Zambia or Malawi particularly on issues of national development. This is the Kenyan Diaspora constitutes a critical element in Kenya’s quest socio-economic development. To facilitate this engagement, we have developed a user friendly online registration form for Kenyan nationals. You are encouraged to fill the form out even if you have registered with the Mission previously, as the information will now be properly stored in the Mission’s databank for reference as and when necessary.

Your registration would assist in the development of a skills database on citizens residing or undertaking training in Zambia and Malawi. The information would also be critical particularly in the event of need to provide urgent consular services. This is so because Kenyans who travel or reside often encounter difficulties that could call for the Mission’s involvement.

The data that you provide is subject to the provisions of the Official Secrets Act. This means that the information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have given us written permission to do so, or unless the disclosure is otherwise needed to assist in the evacuation or provision of emergency consular service, law enforcement, and administration purposes or pursuant to court order. While this Internet site uses secure encryption to safeguard your privacy and therefore any unauthorized interception by third parties of the information you send via the Internet is unlikely, please keep in mind that the Mission is not responsible for such interception.

Kindly not that registration is NOT considered proof of Kenya citizenship. If you apply for any consular services, you may be asked by the consular staff to provide proof of citizenship such as passport or identity card. This Registration Form is the property of the Kenyan Government. The registration is open to all Kenyan Nationals. The information given in this form is protected under the Official Secrets Act.