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President Kenyatta's Message on New Year 2014

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President Uhuru Kenyatta Message on New Year, 2014.

H.E. President Uhuru KenyattaH.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered a keynote address to the nation revolving on the theme of "Reconciliation and Unity Towards Inclusive Growth". in his address, the President sent goodwill message and New year greetings to all Kenyans. The President thanked them for conducting peaceful and successful elections ushering in devolution and jubilee celebrations in 2013.


Recalling 2013, the President reiterated Jubilees Manifesto to improve lives of the people of Kenya. He reiterated his call for national unity on Jamhuri day, and noted that his government will pursue the theme of Reconciliation and Unity Towards Inclusive Growth, reminding christian to uphold the golden rule of doing unto others what they expected others to do to them. The President observed that the Jubilee administration had launched some projects in 2013 including maternity health care, driving the nation towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number Five on maternity health, and improving the country's ability to monitor HIV prevalence.


Looking forward, the President informed that plans were in the pipeline to introduce laptops programme for primary entry children, create more jobs through the construction of standard gauge railway and irrigation of a million acres in Tana river and Kilifi counties, and investment in the energy sector to add 5,000 megawatts of electricity onto the national grid in the next 36 months.

Delivering on promises, the President expressed his governments commitment to inclusive growth and improving lives of all Kenyans by legislation or policy that transform political, economic or social structures to accelerate growth. he noted that access to education, clean water and health services were a must for all people and his government was responsible to the people of Kenya for security of their lives and property. He noted that his Government had launched two policy initiatives in 2013; Nyumba kumi initiative and, a second technology laden and driven strategic operation involving use of CCTV to monitor major streets in urban areas, and broadband connectivity at border points, as well as surveillance equipments to keep crime away from our shores. The President reminded Kenyans that security is a shared responsibility and asked Kenyans to commit to the rule of law.

Turning to the region, the President expressed hope that the new year will ensure free movement of persons in eastern Africa region and greater integration on the continent, work with each other in east African countries to resolve security issues, resolution of crisis in Southern Sudan through IGAD appointed special envoys to protect democracy in Africa's youngest fledgling democracy. The President thanked the men and women in uniform for their continued peacekeeping efforts around the world especially in AMISOM.

Vision 2030, the President called on all Kenyans to play their part in making shared dream and growth a reality. The President urged all Kenyans to cooperate with the national and county governments in implementing various vision 2030 projects, and challenged that it was possible to achieve vision 2030 a decade earlier. He also urged all leaders to pursue a brand of politics that improves the welfare of all citizens, and desist from parochial or divisive politics instead embrace a culture that will define the nation positively for the next 50years and beyond.

In conclusion, the President observed that the national agenda must be progressive, issue based and people centred, noting that his government will encourage mature and responsible engagement among leaders, the three arms of Government, and between business and Government.