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Section 90 of the Constitution of Kenya states that:-
A Person born outside Kenya after 11th December, 1963 shall become a citizen of Kenya at the date of his/her birth if at that date his/her father was a citizen of Kenya.

Q. If at the time of my birth one of my parents was not a Kenya Citizen and I was born in Kenya, is it possible that I have dual citizenship? If the answer is yes up to which age?
A. Kenya Constitution Section 97 (1) (6) (a) states that:
Any person who, upon the attainment of the age of twenty-one years, is a citizen of Kenya and also a citizen of another country other than Kenya shall cease to be a citizen of Kenya upon the specified date (6)(a) that is: twenty-three (23) years.

Please check with the Mission if you need further clarification.

Q. If a child is born in Kenya of parents who are not Kenya Citizens, does he/she qualify to be a citizen of Kenya?
A. No.

Q. If I am a single mother holding a Kenya passport, and have a child born outside Kenya, does the child become a Kenya Citizen if the father is unknown?
A. No. But when the mother is ready to travel to Kenya with the child she is advised to apply for one way travel document for the child.
While in Kenya she should apply for a dependants’ pass for the child (in order to regularize the child’s immigration status). The mother should then get the child registered as a Kenya Citizen after which she can apply for the child’s passport.

Q. What are the requirements if I need a travel Document/Passport for my child who was born in the out side Kenya?
A. Complete form PP2 for under 16 years, two photographs, fee for certificate of identity or for a Passport, child’s birth certificate which shows the name of the father and proof that the father was a Kenyan when the child was born.

Q. What if the name of the father does not appear on the birth certificate and the mother is a Kenyan?
A. Complete form PP2 for under 16 years, two photographs, fee for certificate of identity (one way), birth certificate and mother’s passport.

Q. What happens to the child upon arrival in Kenya? Can a passport be applied for him/her?
A. Upon arrival in Kenya, you are advised to apply for a Dependant’s Pass for the child at the Immigration Office. Get the child registered as a Kenya citizen. The child can be issued with a passport on application after the registration.

Q. What happens to a child born in Zambia/Malawi of a Foreign father?
A. Such a child is not a Kenyan citizen and cannot be issued with a Kenyan passport.

Q. What happens to a person who is under 23 and has dual nationality?
A. If such a person wishes to retain Kenya citizenship, he/she is advised to renounce other nationality before the age of 23 years. Failure to renounce results in automatic loss of Kenya citizenship after age 23.

Q. How long does it take to have a Travel Document issued?
A. It is issued within 24 hours.

Q. Are passports issued at the High Commission?
A. No, they are issued at the Immigration Office in Nairobi.

Q. How long do passports take to be issued?
A. Six weeks or more.