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Entry Permits

Q. What does one need if they wish to work in Kenya as employees?
A. The employer in Kenya should apply for the Entry Work Permit from the Principal Immigration Officer whose address is P.O Box 30191, Nairobi.

Q. What if I reside in Kenya without engaging in employment or any work paid or unpaid?
A. Apply for a Class K permit directly to the Principal Immigration Officer.

Q. How do I get the entry permit form?
A. By downloading form 3

Q. Do I send money to the Principal Immigration Office with the application form?
A. No. The Immigration Office will let you know when and how much to pay.

Q. When is a transit visa issued?
A. A transit visa may be issued to a visitor for the purpose of connecting flights.

Q. Is the High Commission the only place a traveler can get a visa?
A. No. Any visitor to Kenya (except from the countries listed under Referred Visas) may be issued with a visa at any port of entry to Kenya provided they meet the usual Immigration formalities.

Q. The visa endorsement in a passport, does it allow a visitor to stay in Kenya?
A. No, in addition to the visa endorsement, the visitor is issued with a visitor’s pass free of charge at the port of entry. The visitor’s pass gives the period of time the visitor should stay in the country, with a maximum of 3 months.

Q. If a visitor has a valid visitor’s pass and visits Tanzania or Uganda, then returns to Kenya within the validity, would they need another visa?