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About the Kenya High Commission, Lusaka

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The Vision of the Kenya High Commission in Lusaka is “A peaceful and prosperous Kenya, effectively contributing to the realization of a stable continent and better international understanding”.

The Mission is “to advance the interest of Kenyans in the Republic of Zambia and Malawi and COMESA through innovative diplomatic engagement”
Pursuant to our Vision and Mission statement, our strategic objectives include to:

  • Protect and promote Kenya’s interest in Zambia and Malawi;
  • Enhance and maintain cordial relations with Zambia and Malawi;
  • Promote and protect Kenya’s economic interest in Zambia and Malawi;
  • promote, protect and project Kenya’s image in Zambia and Malawi;
  • Promote and protect Kenya’s interest in COMESA;
  • Protect the interests of Kenyan nationals in Zambia and Malawi; and
  • Effective management of resources for achievement of the Mission’s objectives.

In our quest to attain our strategic objectives the Mission:

  • Promotes and enhance relations with the Republic of Zambia, Republic of Malawi and the Common market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA);
  • Promotes trading relations and provides information on investment opportunities and incentives in Kenya;
  • Promotes and projects Kenya as the preferred tourist destination and facilitates travel to Kenya through issuance of visas; and
  • Provides consular services to Kenyan nationals and issuing of Kenya entry visas to foreig n nationals wis hing to visit Kenya.